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Espee PharmaChem Pvt Ltd has in its portfolio products covering a wide therapeutic range such as Cardio-Vascular, Cortico steroids, Anti-Ulcerants, Anti-Biotic, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Depressants, Anti-Virals etc.

Espee PharmaChem Pvt Ltd

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We are equipped with multi-ton, state-of-the-art facilities, which offer over 100 varieties of bulk actives and several key intermediates. Our active pharmaceutical ingredients are exported worldwide, which include both emerging as well as developed markets. Principal markets in this business segment include South America, East Africa, Central Africa, Middle East, SE Asia and India.
Our expertise in organic synthesis, process development and a controlled supply chain enables us to provide our customers with high quality Bulk Actives at competitive prices. We are aggressively building our product portfolio to cater to generic players in the emerging markets.
Espee PharmaChem Pvt Ltd offers an unparalleled portfolio to its customers, who include innovators and generic formulators across the globe. The products are well documented according to the latest ICH and other regulatory guidelines.
All the above advantages make Espee Pharma API, an ideal partner in your product development efforts.
The company inherits the enterprise spirit of struggle, hardworking and thrifty, exploit and develops and innovation, keep the tenet for national pharmaceutical industry develop vigorously and contribution to human health, we begin to implement the second development in order to become the modernized chemical pharmaceutical manufacture base of west China. We look forward to cooperate with notional and international company and develop together to obtain a brilliant future for both of us.
Our facilities are awarded GMP, WHO-GMP and ISO certification. Copies of certificates can be offered on requests.

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